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butterfly and rose  …Silk 100%

collaboration by  Painter  AZUSA TANAKA  

セットシリーズのキャミソールはこちら / Set series Camisole are here


Free (M~Lサイズ相当)

87~95cm 目安


Free (equivalent to M-L size)

Approximate size 87-95cm



❤着用モデルサイズ / Mmodel size worn
ブラトップ/Bra Top    - 84cm
アンダーバスト/Under bust    - 60cm
ヒップ/Hips    - 91cm
身長/Height   - 165cm


※Please note that the allowable size is only a guide.






Painter  AZUSA TANAKA さんとのコラボレーション。

どこまでも美しく甘い、そして切なさを感じ心を揺さぶる世界観を描くAZUSA TANAKA テキスタイルをキャミソール&ショートパンツに…。





I love the moment when I feel romantic.
I want to feel that moment a lot.
There are times when women want to immerse themselves in romantic moods even though times have changed.
It's romantic with a classical atmosphere.




About shipping and delivery

※ 生産の都合上、商品の納期遅延が生じる場合がございます。
※ 商品の画像はサンプルのため、実際の製品とは仕様や加工、サイズ等が若干異なる場合がございます。あらかじめご了承ください。


※Please note that this product is made to order and will be shipped2-4 weeks after your order is placed. Please be aware of this.
※Please note that due to production reasons, there may be a delay in the delivery of the product.
※If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Please understand in advance.
※Please note that payment can only be made by credit card. Please note that we do not accept cash on delivery.




The price shown is exclusive of tax.

butterfly and rose - Silk 100% short pants

  • silk



    Please note that the color of this product may fade.

    Please note that this product is made of delicate material and may tear if it is caught or excessive force is applied.

    Please note that the material is delicate and may tear if caught or subjected to excessive force.

    お手入れ、お取り扱いいただく際のご注意点については[How to care]をご参照ください。

    For more information about care and handling, please refer to [How to care]

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