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sleeping beauty - Shorts (black)


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ー 誰でもじぶんのルーツがある。
わたしたちは「自分を生きる」ために、じぶんのルーツを辿る旅に出よう ー



For as long as I can remember, my favorite thing to do has been to draw.
Making it colorful with paints and colored pencils. Drawing and watching pictures was the most absorbing yet somehow calming activity for me.
Painting has always excited me and set my mind free.


Everyone has their own roots.
Let us embark on a journey to trace our roots in order to "live ourselves".



Item title:sleeping beauty



Size:S~M (S~Mというサイズ表記)

Size Chart

すべての女性がsleeping beauty 〜眠れる森の美女〜。


All women are sleeping beauties.
Everyone is searching for their own beauty.
Each individual's color is the essence of beauty.


JPY      5000



The price shown is exclusive of tax.

[ sleeping beauty - Shorts (black)

  • Polyester



    ・About the color of the product image
    Depending on the PC environment, there may be some differences in the color and tone of the image and the actual product, depending on the lighting conditions.
    The color and tone of the actual product may vary slightly depending on the PC environment.


    ・Please note that the color of this product may fade.

    ・Please note that this product is made of a delicate material that may tear if it is caught or subjected to excessive force.



    お手入れ、お取り扱いいただく際のご注意点については[How to care]をご参照ください。

    Please refer to [How to care]for care and handling precautions.

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